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Thread: bmw steptronic gearbox reverse problem

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    Default bmw steptronic gearbox reverse problem

    I have a 2000 bmw 525i se with a steptronic auto box, it has just developed a problem in that when reverse is selected and revs are applied it is behaving like a slipping clutch on a manual, the more you rev it the more it slips.

    the car has only just passed 100k miles and was behaving normally until a few days ago, could it be that it requires transmission fluid added or is it a known generic bmw gearbox problem, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    First off, I would check the condition of the oil. You only need a drop off the dipstick. Rub it between thumb and forefinger, and see if you can feel any grittiness. Also check the colour, it could be contaminated with very fine particles of brake band/clutch dust. In extreme cases you can sniff it and see if you can smell any burning. If oil is OK, it may be worth having the brakebands adjusted. This not a DIY job. If this doesn't 'cure' it, it will probably be a recon box.
    (Purely as an aside, I have found that changing the oil will sometimes give a new lease of life, but only as a temporary measure.)

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