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Thread: Vauxhall Engine warning light

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    Default Vauxhall Engine warning light

    I am after some help

    I have a 2003 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 sxi.

    About 6 months ago I had a problem whereby I would be driving along and the engine would just cut out completely. I was able to restart it immediately. This happened again about a month ago. I had noticed no other problems.

    I have however now noticed that the engine does not appear to be ticking over correctly, although performance when driving seems fine.

    Today my engine management light came on and has stayed on, and whilst driving occasionally starts to flash. The flashing does stop if I slow down.

    The manual suggests getting it looked at immediately. Is it ok to drive in the meantime? I cannot get it looked at for another week, when a friend of mine is going to hook it up to one of those fault finding thingys.

    I believe from info I have read that it could be the EGR or the coil pack. What is the best way to find out? Can I get a list of the fault codes from anywhere?


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    Hi Cezzy, Welcome to the site, I would not drive it at all in that condition, after all, they put them warning lights on the dash for a reason, and you could cause more damage to the engine
    Cheers, Smudger.

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    The only way to find the problem is on a diagnostic machine. You will get a fault code which MAY point you in the right direction. The user HAS to understand the fuel system and how the components work to correctly identify the fault. You may get code P0170 and there are so many possible causes you will end up throwing money at the car. Make sure the scanner has live data function to help you find the fault.
    If you want all the fault codes just type - vauxhall fault code P---- into Google and it will find the answer.
    If the car has a misfire you will damage the cat by driving it.

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    That sounds like a coil pack on it's way out, normally light will flash (spanner light) when the engine is placed under load such as accelarating.

    There is a very cheap and easy way to look up the code on the Astra G 16V Engine (Z16XE) simply hold down the throttle and brake pedal hard with the ignition off and, now with them still held down turn the ignition on so the dash lights up but don't start the engine.

    The spanner light will begin to flash the fault code up as a sequence of flashes with a pause of two seconds between each number.

    So for a P0420 code it will flash:

    Ten times for the zero (pause) four flashes (pause) two flashes (pause) then ten flashes.

    just remember ten flashes = 0 and one = one two is two etc

    If the light flashes continuously then there are no faults stored, a long pause after the first code followed by a different code indicates more than one issue.

    A full list of codes and their meaning can be found on the Astra Sport forum

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    To astra guru do these codes apply to vectras too?? & does the Flashing spanner lights apply too i have engine management light issues but car seems fine

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