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Thread: Ford Focus battery drain

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    Default Ford Focus battery drain

    I've a bit of a problem with my 2001 1.6 Zetec Focus, and am after a bit of advice.

    Whenever I leave the car for more than 2 weeks, the battery (only a couple of months old), has discharged to such an extent that a jump start is needed.

    I've carried out a drain test with all lights off and car locked, and there is about 250 Milliamps being drawn, which seems far too high to me.

    I've pulled the fuses one at a time, and this reading drops to zero when internal fuse No 36 (electronic modules and instrument cluster).

    Could anyone give me any pointers as to which module could be causing this problem, and where this box will be located.

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    Fuse 36 (7.5A) covers the following;

    1. ABS
    2. heater/aircon
    3. clock
    4. interior lamps
    5. electric door mirrors
    6. trip computer
    7. multifunction control module.

    The 'multifunction control module' is at the back of the fascia fuse box. Can't remember exactly what Ford term it but something like central body module.

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    what would the clock use, would that not be in that region??

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