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Thread: Audi A4 Brake Failure Problem

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    I too have the same problem on my 02 tdi 130
    I bought the car as salvage and have since repaired it and had the vosa vic test
    When I bought the car it been in a salvage yard for a few months and the plenum chamber was full of water , I drained tthis ( unaware of the inherent problems)
    But I have only today experienced the problem for myself ( on a hill with my wife an child in the car)
    Am I able to claim for this directly from Audi ?
    And where is this electric vacuum pumps people talk of as I cannot see obe but there is a fuse in the fusebox marked as 'brake server' (5amp fuse 4)
    I will carry the repair out myself If need be as I do my own repairs but am very disappointed at Audis apparent lack of concern regarding this potentially lethal design fault !

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    Since Dec 2010, I have noticed that my brakes are sticking, the front left one specially as I can feel the tyre rim being burning hot after driving. When I start the car in the morning, brakes are fine, but after 15 mins in the traffic, it starts to stick and I feel as if brakes are applied constantly. This makes the car more difficult to drive as it feels like it want to stop. Some other days it will not do it, so it is not regular. It seems to start sticking usually after driving for 15 mins in traffic.

    I had the Audi garage look after this but they first thought it was the brake caliper. But after trying a new one, it did not solve the problem. Some forum mentioned the servo or a rusty master cylinder, but they have tried new ones without any success.

    In addition, i recently installed an HID coversation kit. The problem is that most of the times when i start the vehicle and switch on the light; the ABS, traction control and hand break sensors start flashing on the dash and they do go off until i switch off the engine.

    Could anyone know what the problem is?

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    Default audi a4

    hi can i please know which registration or which year your audi a4 is please as i have had the exact same problem and my mecanics are adamant that they are doing recall on the audi a4.


    Quote Originally Posted by Kraken View Post
    I have again phoned Audi UK to advise them that I had been contacted by a well known BBC consumer programme (who have asked me not to say who they are on an open forum.)

    The result was that they asked me to take the car back to Truro Audi.
    They once again diagnosed water in the servo,and said they would let Audi UK know of the problem
    I was then told to let them carry out repairs which would be free of charge.(as a goodwill gesture)
    They replaced the servo, but the service manager was still not happy with the brakes, so they ended up replacing the whole of the braking system (ie master cylinder,vacuum pipes and a valve assembly) they had the car for 5 days and loaned me an Audi Q5 whilst repairs were being carried out..

    The car was returned after all the work had been carried out,fully valeted and the service manager came out for a test drive to make sure I was happy with the repairs

    I have to say that this was a complete about face by Audi uk and I cannot fault the service.

    it's just a shame that it has taken me a long and stressful campaign to reach this very satisfactory conclusion.

    In the end I was treated in a way I would have expected from a company with the reputation of Audi.

    I wish you all the best of luck and now hope this has set a precedent for all others to follow

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    hi can you please tell me what year the audi is please as i have the exact problem and audi are denying the fault.

    a quick reply will much appreciated


    Quote Originally Posted by Phil1968 View Post
    Just had exectly the same thing happen to my wifes car,problem was i didnt believe her as when i got home and checked the brakes they had defrosted.Last saturday i went to move her car and found the brake peddle solid thought ohh my god that could be fatal.
    Got in the house and checked the forums and found that this is a design fault and audi were not prepared to admit any liability?
    Went to halesowen audi 1st thing monday and have got to say they were fantastic (was expecting a row) they said they would check the service record and see if the car had been recalled,they got back in touch tuesday and said they would book my car in for a full repair at there cost due to damage done from a design fault.They are replacing the servo and modifying the plenum.
    And by the way i dont work for audi.

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    Default Audi Servo Failure

    I would also really appreciate any information on the recall for the servo issue. Mine failed over a month ago, and quote to replace is £mucho....have found a used one but not sure if it is a job for the home mechanic! A4 1.9Tdi 1999 Avant SE. Many Thanks

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    my breakes keep locking on change sevo seemed to work ok but now the sticking on aagain just after 7wk is this servo problem or something else


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    I have an Audi 1.9tdi on a 51 plate and I am experiencing the braking problems that many of the contributors have commented on i.e. pedal going hard, no brakes, intermittent fault, locking up all together etc. I finally did some research and found this forum which has been very, very helpful. I have taken the car to an Audi dealership in Bradford and I am awaiting the outcome of their assessment. The servo unit has had a lot of water in it according to the intial inspection form the engineer. I will keep the forum informed about how this progresses.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to Necro a thread but it would seem I am suffering from a similar problem. When the weather gets to freezing my brakes become dangerous, they can become hyper sensitive then when the pedal is applied fully they go rock hard leaving me with very little/no breaking power. Its incredibly dangerous.

    I have spoke to Audi regarding a recall on this model but they have checked my VIN number and refuse to acknowledge the recall. I even had some water coming in to the passenger foot well at one point. (I have kept all the emails)

    I am certain there is water in my braking system due to this only occurring when we have freezing temperatures.

    My Audi is a 51 plate A4 B6

    Any info regarding this issue would be much appreciated.

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    Exclamation A4 and A6 brake failure, Plenum Chamber issue, possible engine failure.

    Reference chassis numbers
    WAU _ _ _ 8E _ 2A014319 to WAU _ _ _ 8E _ 2A290809
    WAU _ _ _ 8E _ 2A031486 to WAU _ _ _ 8E _ 2A290805
    WAU _ _ _ 4B _ 2N005022 to WAU _ _ _ 4B _ 2N121381
    WAU _ _ _ 4B _ 2N006926 to WAU _ _ _ 4B _ 2N121375

    2002, 2.5 A6 Quattro Sport, Auto, 124,000 miles. chassis number WAUZZZ4B22N090722

    I would like to thank everyone for their posts regarding this issue.

    Before Christmas I went to brake coming in to a roundabout and found the brake pedal rock solid and there was very little braking action. After the roundabout the brakes returned to normal. I called with my mechanic but, as he could find nothing wrong, he advised I should cautiously continue to drive until the problem reoccured.
    A couple of weeks later my car sat out of the garage all day during some very heavy rain and when I went to put it in the garage the brake pedal was hard again. The next day I took the car out of the garage and again the brake pedal was hard, I washed the car and then took it for a run to the end of our lane to see if the fault was going to persist. I got no further than about 50 meters and the engine stopped with clouds of smoke out the exhaust pipes. I lifted the bonnet and the dipstick was covered half way up with grey oil but the filler cap was fine, black oil as usual. Confused, we towed the car back to the house and the next day my mechanic came out to look at it. After poking about the engine for a while he lifted off the plastic cover over the battery and we discovered the Plenum Chamber full of water.
    I Googled the issue and about the fourth document I came across was a Service Action Circular from the USA and Canada, code JU/51B7.

    This recall required the agents to write out to all the owners of A4s and A6s within a certain chassis range. The action required to sort the problem was to remove the Plenum Drain Tube which could become blocked with debris over the years and cause the chamber to fill with water which could then be sucked into the Brake Servo.
    As the Plenum Tube was still in my car and was blocked solid with dirt, I phoned my local Audi agent, Isaac Agnew Audi to enquire why my car had not been recalled for this issue. Paul McClelland returned my call and when I asked him about the recall he denied there was ever a recall for this issue and redirected me to Audi UK.
    I phoned Audi UK who also denied there was a recall regarding this issue and said the document I was reading was nothing to do with the UK. I persisted with Kelly Hathaway at Audi UK for three days until she eventually said that if I took the car to Isaac Agnew Audi they would look at it for them.
    I arranged to take the car in on Sat. 22nd Nov. and was received by Sean McMahon who said there was no one who could look at it until Monday. I had only left Isaac Agnew Audi 10 minutes when I received a call from Sean McMahon to say my car had had the recall carried out in 2008. I asked him to email me the paperwork, which he did. The description of the work done on the document he sent was "carried out 51B7 recall" exactly the same as the USA and Canada code.
    A 12 day stand off ensued during which Isaac Agnew Audi prepared a report on the car, denied they had not carried out the recall correctly, after first denying there was a ever recall at all, and accused me of replacing the Plenum Tube in order to get them to replace the engine in the car. My mechanic advised me that if Isaac Agnew Audi had done nothing with the engine and the water and oil mixture was still in the engine it would destroy it, if had not already done so.
    As Isaac Agnew Audi had in fact done nothing but prepare a report, that they denied me access to unless I paid them £250, I decided it was best to remove the car from Isaac Agnew Audi, and did so on Thursday 4th Dec. A couple of days later my mechanic spent a couple of hours slowly ejecting the oil water mix, through where the heater plugs are fitted on the top of the engine, by slowly jerking the engine over with the starter motor. Eventually the engine started and after 3 oil changes I took it for a run. For the first 50 miles it didn't really want to go but eventually in recovered except for the servo which was a little strange.
    The servo eventually sorted itself and the car is now running fine, if a little cool at times, it probably needs the thermostat replaced.
    Richard Armstrong the service manager at Isaac Agnew Audi continues to deny they did not carried out the Plenum recall and did nothing to compensate me for all the trouble and expense I have had.
    Looking through my service history, I now see there were excessive brake problems during the 4 years before this problem occurred. I also had an ongoing problem with an intermittent brake warning light over the past 4 years which no one could solve but has not reoccured since the Plenum Tube was removed.
    My satisfaction levels with the people and organisations I dealt with regarding this whole saga, from 1 to 10, 10 being satisfied, are as follows:-

    My mechanic - 10* saved the engine.

    Isaac Agnew Audi - 1
    Paul McClelland - 1 - very unsympathetic and dismissive.
    Sean McMahon - 7 - helpful.
    Richard Armstrong - 3 - listened but ultimately did nothing.

    Audi UK - 1
    Kelly Hathaway - 2 listened but ultimately did nothing.

    I feel very annoyed that Audi have pushed this issue under the carpet, and still continue to do so. It's simply not good enough Audi. What should have been done is that all the affected owners should have been contacted and the plastic cover over the Plenum Chamber should have been replaced with one containing a warning to the effect that "failure to ensure the Plenum drains are kept clear of debris can result in brake and or engine failure"
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    It does seem they do not want to own up to the issue. My problem was caused by water in the braking system, I'm positive. The water got there through a blocked plenum chamber. I clear this regularly now, had a new brake servo and the car has been great this winter with no issue's regarding the breaks. The water however has damaged the CCM module too, another great design idea from Audi, by placing an electronic device in a plastic tray underneath the carpet in the foot well! Water gather's (especially with a blocked plenum as it leaks into the car too!) then corrodes the the module.

    2nd hand CCM is not cheap either :/

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