This Tuesday, my car went in for its bi-annual brake fluid change. The garage gave it a "free health check", and found that the console bushes were beginning to split.

Two new brackets were fitted (£38.57 each), so I presume these are what I term the wishbones. If these have been disturbed, then I would think tracking of the vehicle would be necessary.

The bill just indicates parts and labour, and doesn't itemise actions taken.

I have to explain that my car is subject to a VW service and maintenance agreement, and the bill (£332) isn't charged to me; it is purely between VW and the dealership. It may well be that this has been done, but I still prefer to know what is going on with my car, even if I don't pay for it.
Am I being reasonable in asking for confirmation that this tracking has been carried out?

Regards, Snowball.