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Thread: vauxhall astra automatic keeps cutting out

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    Default vauxhall astra automatic keeps cutting out

    hello l have a Vauxhall Astra 1.6. club automatic and when slowing down for roundabouts and lights it drops reves and the engine cuts out completely, the car will start again after a couple of tries no fault lights come on and l have had a diagnostic check done showing up no faults l wont drive the car as this is dangerous and lv only had the car three weeks the on a 51 (2001) can someone please give me some advice as to the problem.Thank you

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    First thing to do is clean out the throttle body as dirt in here causes this fault. And also ensure the engine breather from the bottom of the engine to the rocker cover is not choked up.
    The diagnostic check should not just be a read for fault codes but a check of each component in live data menu. If the garage cannot do this then you are wasting your money.
    If you bought the car from a trader/dealer then its under warranty so take it back.

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    replied to your other post,
    a big common fault as well is egr valves and cause the same problems as you discribed,hometune bang on the nail as well..
    what diagnosic scanner did you use as vauxhall are the best for letting other aftermarket comanys have info on the vauxhall systems..

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