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Thread: Rover 25 1.4 clutch

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    Default Rover 25 1.4 clutch

    Had a new clutch fitted a couple of weeks ago now if been standing hard to select gear,clears after few changes,is this caused by air in the hydraulic system?and would it have had to be worked on during the clutch replacement

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    Not all Rover 25's have hydraulic clutches, don't ask why!
    If yours has, the slave cylinder is unclipped from the gearbox during a clutch change but not disconnected. Well, shouldn't have been.
    Next time after standing, pump the pedal 4 or 5 times quite quckly then go for first gear. If it goes in okay then there is air getting in or more likely, the master cylinder is weak. Sometimes after being disturbed the seals lose their effectiveness.
    Master cylinders are about £60 from Rover and come complete with pipe to fit to the slave cylinder. A special tool is included to allow you to disconnect the pipes and it comes already primed and sealed with brake fluid.

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