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Thread: Renault Clio - Cuts out when warm

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    Default Renault Clio - Cuts out when warm

    I have an R Reg 1.2 Clio which has been running fine for three months until last weekend when it just cut out with no warning whatsoever and then would not restart until it had cooled down.
    Now it cuts out every time it gets warm - usually after about five mintues - it then will not start and the immobiliser bleeps away whilst i am turning the engine over.
    A friend has replaced the coil as that is what he thought it was.
    I have since bought a new car and really just want to sell the car - but cant in its current state and dont want to spend £000's on it.
    Can anyone help me please.

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    If the immobiliser is not switching off, have you tried another key.
    If you can find a garage with the equipment to reprogram the immobiliser and key, try that.
    Usually though, it is a trip to Renault dealer.
    If it is not the immobiliser, then it could well be the crankshaft sensor on top of the gearbox next to the engine. Cost around £20 but a diagnostic check would confirm if it is the immobiliser or the sensor.

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    I have a 2002 Renault Clio and have had the same problem with mine recently.
    The warning light for 'monitoring exhaust gas' was lit on the dash then the car suddenly cut out without warning then wouldnt start. The engine was turning over but the car wouldnt start. It took over an hour to get the car to start each time this happened.
    I have since replaced the Crankshaft sensor (also known as a flywheel sensor) for the second time in 6 weeks. This has seemed to cure the starting problem but there seems to be something that is causing the sensor to fail as when I have took the new sensor out that was only in for 6 weeks, I am getting no reading off it. You can get a new crankshaft sensor for around £15 - £20 but as Hometune advised I would take it to the garage to get the car put on the computers and hopefully they can find what is causing the problem.

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    It isn't usually the sensor that fails (sometimes they do) but the poor connection to the wiring loom. That is why when you fit a new one you disturb the connector and its ok for a while.
    There is a piece of modified wiring available from Renault for around £25 that goes between the loom and the sensor to give a better connection.
    As I have said many times in other Renault posts, always spray the connectors with WD40 before connecting them to the sensor.

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