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Thread: Driving through Europe - All of it

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    Question Driving through Europe - All of it

    Hello there everyone

    I need advice, I am about to embark along with three friends on the challenge of driving all the way to Istanbul and back from London in 53 dyas stopping at 38 different destinations.

    We plan to buy a used car maybe 5 or 6 years old (Nissan Primera, Volvo etc) for around £1500 and drive as i said across Europe this summer.

    If anyone out there has any advice on anything to do with our trip, particularly choice of car, road to use or missout, precautions, safety warnings ect it would be helpful. Also if anyone has driven through any of these countries i would like to hear from you.

    Many thanks


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    I would suggest taking whatever car you choose to buy to a decent garage and get them to give it a proper checking

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    I once drove from London to the Czech Republic and that was long enough for me.
    Good luck!

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    an old land rover might be an option as i believe parts can easily be founf throughout europe plus u got the 4x4 side of things if u happen to get into some trouble

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