We've had your favorite owned cars. a thread started by Call Clear. Everybody had fond memories of their first car- now we have the opposite.
Have you ever owned a car and wished you had never set eyes on it.
Give us the low down on it.
I'll start the ball rolling.
I bought a Dacia Denim from a motor mart auction. It looked fab. and the price was quite modest. she fired up first time and She went around the motor auction track with no problem.
So lucky me.....I bought her.
I live in the UK so the journey home from auction, home was around 30 miles.
When I got home, I noticed a water leak from the bottom of the car. I wasn't a member of any motoring organisation at that time. I was handy with motors especially before ECU's and the likes.
I got underneath and discovered it had a small split on the hose and the radiator. Needless to say, no such parts existed in the UK, and this was before the good old internet where you can buy virtually anything online from somewhere. I managed to "bodge" the radiator up and back tape the hose, and tried to get rid of the car. Took it back to the auction and as it arrived there the manifold split and exhaust was firing out from the bonnet.
That car cost me more to get scrap it than it did to buy. Wished I never seen it......