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Thread: vauxhall astra 1.6 judder

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    Default vauxhall astra 1.6 judder

    I have a 1.6 astra estate on a t plate, it threw up the engine man code which turned out to be the air flow valves. I have fitted the blank gasket to prevent these from opening but the car still judders when I take my foot off the accelerator and revs high at start up. I did not have the car re-programmed after the gasket was fitted......please give me some ideas..cheers

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    Is it an 8 valve or 16 valve engine?

    I assume the fault code was P0400 - EGR flow insufficient? That's why you have blanked it off? Or was it a more specific EGR code? Do you know what the feedback voltage was or is if it is still connected?

    You cannot reprogram the ECU, the fault code for the valve will always be in the memory. You can get these valves from a national company called Autovaux for around £70. You may have running problems with it blanked off.

    I would recommend that you clean out the throttle body thoroughly to allow the butterfly plate to return to its correct factory setting. On a car of this age, this is a common problem and if the diagnostic had been carried out properly, the idle speed occurrence should have been checked. On a clean engine it is around 20-25% - on a dirty engine can be down at 8-10%.

    Once that is sorted a live data check on a scanner of the throttle position sensor to ensure the ECU knows where the throttle is.

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