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Thread: A symptom of too much oil ??

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    Default A symptom of too much oil ??

    [B]The garage claims on the invoice I got that the techniciain added 0.35 litres of oil to my engine (Ford Focus 1.8 ZETEC E) which I think was about half way between minimum and maximum on the dipstick before.

    Now when I check the oil level on the dipstick on as level surfaces I have access to, I find that the level is either exactly on the maximum mark or if above only by about 3mm or so. (The distance between MIN and MAX is about 14mm on the dipstick and this is 1000ml of oil).

    Whilst accelerating up an incline I just feel that the car drives/feels different (a bit sluggish) than before it was topped up by the technician. The engine revs freely when I press the accelerator while in neutral, so perhaps it is not the engine at fault). Also wouldn't it take more than 0.35 litre of oil to cause the crankshaft to whip through the oil in the sump and cause sluggishness ? What would the oil on the dipstick look like if this was happening to the engine e.g. small bubbles ?

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    Because of the time it takes for oil to drain back to the sump, it is best to check the level first thing in the morning on a level surface. It takes hours for the oil to run back to the sump when the engine has been run, because the oil 'clings' to all the surfaces.
    I honestly don't think that 3mm above the max mark on dispstick is going to make any noticeable difference to performance. Maybe a miniscule drop in fuel consumption. I think you should be looking elsewhere for any problem you may be having.
    As an aside, if drastically overfilled with oil, you could expect smoke from exhaust, probable misfire as oil fouls spark plugs, and a possibility of overheating because of the 'drag' on the engine,

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