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    I have an 04 reg Corsa 1.2, and when I was last checking my engine fluids noticed there appeard to be NO brake fluid in the reservoir. Now please excuse me if I'm being totally stupid, but I bought some fluid from a garage to top it up, and I can't see how to actually access the reservoir and get the fluid in. The moulded plastic facia at the bottom of the windscreen appears fixed in place and unable to pop off anywhere. There is a "star" screw on the facia that seems to make no difference when taken out, nothing moves anywhere. I hope I am right in assuiming that the brake fluid reservoir is just underneath the windscreen, to the right of the windscreen washer fluid, as this is where I was shown to check it when I learnt to drive, also in a corsa. I have check the vehicle's manual and the section about brake fluid is very brief and does not contain a diagram.

    Any help would be most appreciated - I have no warning lights, nor have I felt any adverse effect on the braking power so I am slightly concerened as to why the reservoir should appear empty. I will also ring Network Q tomorrow to see what they say



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    Phoned Network Q, got it sorted, just a bit of info for anyone else who may have this problem. Just in front of the plastic facia below the windscreen is the bulkhead casing, with a rubber seal clipped to the top. Pop the rubber seal off, and the plastic facia should flip up to reveal the brake fluid reservoir beneath. JD, job done!!!

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