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Thread: Intermittent clutch problem with Ford KA

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    Default Intermittent clutch problem with Ford KA

    Hi I bought a second hand 2000 KA 1.3 beginning of March. From the outset the clutch pedal seemed pretty high but as I had been driving a Corsa for 8 years I thought it was down to that. I haven't been able to get used to it and either stall at pulling off from junctions and lights, or make my wheels squeal. The stalling part is more common which is embarrassing when you've been driving for 13 years.

    Anyway last week I picked my bf up from work and parked in a bus stop. When I came to pull off I couldn't get it into first, or any other gear. I panicked a bit and turned off the ingnition and tried again and it went in no problem. I've been driving it around ever since no problem. Then today, picked my fella up from work again and turned off the ignition due to having to wait. When he got in the car I started up and tried to get into first - no joy. Turned off the ignition tried with engine off gears were fine. Tried starting engine again but still couldn't get in gear. Turned off engine and put into first and started engine. Nice grinding noise and a whiff of burning rubber. So that was that. 2 hour wait for AA to come rescue me. After sitting in the car for almost 2 hours I decided to try it again, started engine, sailed into gear no problem. Reversed back a bit as I was sat blocking a junction. Tried again a minute later, couldn't get the gears.

    Wen the AA guy turned up 10 minutes later I explained what happened, he tried the car into gear no problem. He said for me to try and drive home and he would follow me and if the problem occurred he would tow me the rest of the way. The car was fine the entire way home, and part of the journey was motorway. He said the clutch was a bit notchy and to get it looked at.

    Any suggestions would be great. Don't want to have to shell out for a new clutch if its not needed.

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    The clutch is hydraulic so there could be more than one fault here.
    A high pedal is usually a sign a clutch is near the end of its life. The symptoms you describe could indicate that the clutch pressure plate has worn springs and that the release bearing may be damaged too.
    Next time you cant get reverse, try pumping the pedal a few times and see if it makes a difference.
    However, either way, a new clutch will be needed as the release bearing is inside the gearbox.

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