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Thread: Ford fiesta zetec s ABS / TRACTION light on

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    Default Ford fiesta zetec s ABS / TRACTION light on

    Hi there have a ford fiesta zetec s 2000 reg, the other day while out in the car the ABS and traction control lights came on, thinking that it is to do with a sensor etc,would like to know what to look for, can i take a sensor off to check it myself,if i did find a fault and replace a part would i still need to have the fault reset on a diagnostics m/c, would be thankfull for any help.

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    Dont try and remove a sensor as it will probably get damaged. They usually get seized in.
    Check first that the driveshaft stator rings are not damaged and are not touching the sensor.
    You can do a resistance check of the sensor. Should read 1100 ohms approx but this is not always totally accurate. Spin wheel at 60 rpm and you should get 0.25v alternating current.
    A diagnostic check will show the fault and bear in mind it could be the ABS pump or ECU as all the working parts are in one unit.
    If it is a faulty sensor after fitting a new one the light will go out on its own.
    Finally, make sure all your tyres are the same size as this can cause ABS light to come on.
    From experience it is usually the driver's one that fails first.

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