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Thread: Car tax on a second hand car?

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    Default Car tax on a second hand car?

    We have just bought a second hand car from a dealer, and picked it up on Friday evening.

    My husband went to have a look at when the tax ran out, and it doens't have a tax disc. I rang the dealer and he said it wasn't sold as having a tax disc on it.

    Fair enough, I assume that he had it SORN. But now we have a car with no tax disc, and no SORN in our name (SORN expires when the car is sold according to the DVLA website) so we are essentially sitting on an illegal vehicle.

    I guess we should have checked that the car had a tax disc before we bought it, and got it taxed, but I am not that happy that the dealer didn't advise us there was no tax and get us to tax it before we picked it up.

    I am just worried about where we stand over the bank holiday weekend with having no tax and no SORN. We have got the car off the road and onto the driveway, but I believe it still needs to have something.

    I am pretty mad at now having to tax the car from the beginning of May, as I will need the car next week, and I don't think there will be any time to SORN it for just a few days anyway.

    I would like to know, if anyone knows, if this is normal practice for dealers to sell without tax discs. He claims the car was SORN, but I test drove it, my DH test drove it, and we also got a friend who is a mecahnic to check it over and take it out for a drive too. So were we all driving illegally?

    I am aware that I should have checked for a tax disc, and I guess it is my fault. But I have bought from dealers before and have never been sold a car with no road tax, even if it is just up to the end of the month!

    Any advice appreciated!

    Cathy xx

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    Default TAX and stuff

    First, it's not road tax - that was abolished in 1935.

    Second, what sort of [dis] reputable dealer treats their customers like this? I wouldn't even consider buying a car unless ALL the paperwork was upto date and available - including Vehicle Excise Duty (Tax disc).

    If the car is in your driveway it is not on a public road and does not need to display VED, but then technically it does need SORN.

    My advice would be to be outside the Post Office when it opens in the morning and tax it - yes, you will have to tax it from the begining of May, so you will loose out on most of a month (wonder why the dealer has left you with this problem?).

    Keep all the documentation handy just in case the DVLA (another shower of s****) try to stiff you with a fixed penalty for no SORN or VED - if they do go to and seek advice there.

    And, yes, unless any test drive was conducted under tradde plates (WITH VOSA cert) it was illegal - it is illegal to use a vehicle on a public road without DISPLAYING a valid VED (so, 'It's in the post' won't wash).

    I sincerely hope you don't have any problems with the car, doesn't sound like 'customer care' is a phrase they would recognise!

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    If you want to hang on a few days you can tax your vehicle 2 days before the end of the month, that way you do not loose a full month.

    Also if it is on your drive you still need to SORN it, but how long will it be before the V5 gets put in your name, in my experience it will be at least a few weeks, so you will have to keep it off the road till you can tax it, but don't forget that you would still have had to tax it from the start of the month if the dealer had done it.

    I know that this not an ideal answer but it is an option if you can wait a few more days, also go and give the dealer some hassle it is not acceptable that he has let you drive away in an illegal vehicle.

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