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    THE AA left a woman motorist marooned on a flooded street - because they did not have any wellies to rescue her.

    They refused to help lone driver Angela Gooding, 37, after her car cut out in the middle of a huge puddle.

    An AA mechanic drove past to check the situation but did not stop.

    And Angela was stunned when hotline staff told her it was because the mechanics did not carry Wellington boots.

    She was left stranded for an hour in the dark before partner Richard Rogers pulled her car out of the water.

    Only when she was back on dry road did the AA, which proudly calls itself "Britain's fourth emergency service", agree to tow her home.

    Royal Mail worker Angela said: "How can they do that if they can't even help when there's a bit of water around? It's ludicrous. It was 6.30am, pitch black and I was worried."

    Her trouble began on the way to work when an oncoming car splashed her Volkswagen Passat as she drove along a waterlogged road in Kempston, Beds.

    It caused her engine to die, leaving her stuck in around a foot of water.

    Angela, an AA member for four years, added: "I couldn't believe my ears when they said they couldn't help."

    The AA confirmed it was unable to rescue her because the water was too deep.

    A spokesman added: "A member of our call centre did say drivers don't carry Wellington boots. Unfortunately, our driver was unable to get anywhere near her."


    RAC patrolman Dave Goodhall didn't need his wellies to rescue a stranded motorist.

    In fact he went without his shoes, socks and trousers too.

    Helpful Dave, 35, stripped down to his underpants to push out a stricken Rover saloon in knee-deep floods in New Buckenham, Norfolk.

    The ex-soldier said: "I was just anxious to get the road clear. I had eight hours of my shift to go and didn't fancy wearing wet trousers."

    And Dave was happy to save another driver trapped in the water - even though he was an AA member.
    source the mirror

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    fair play to dave i say. i saw the picture the other day, i'll try get it if i can its quite funny. but yet again shows how we are No 1 for Motorists

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