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Thread: Do Car drivers ever consider the safety of Motorcycle/Scooter riders?

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    Default Do Car drivers ever consider the safety of Motorcycle/Scooter riders?

    As a use a 100cc scooter to commute between home and work, i find nearly every day that Car drivers etc, Never consider me as a vehicle on the road and will attempt at all cost to cause me an injury or accident, only this morning i was nearly knocked off my scooter twice.

    But luckily i had my wits about me and avoided the accident?

    What is your opinions on this? Is it just me?

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    i do think scooter riders especially get a hard time more than motorbike riders. iv seen some car drivers pull some right shockin manouvers and nearly knocked bike riders off. Suppose the cold wet horrible mornings we having lately dont help in the slightest.

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    I try to give them all consideration and although i havnt driven a motorbike for some years now i like to think that if it was me i would hope they would do it for me,its unfortunate that you find this but we are not all like it as with all things there is always the selfish or unthinking few that muck it up for all,i use to think they were *just*selfish,but i am finding that a lot dont even realise what they have done which is quite worrying, ,

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