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Thread: Renault Laguna Automatic Occasional Gear Change Delay

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    Default Renault Laguna Automatic Occasional Gear Change Delay

    Bought a T reg 1999 Laguna RT 2.0 automaticin Feb. It passed MOT in March with right hand side rear brake disc replaced. also had it serviced at the same time with my local renualt garage, oil/air/fuel filters all replaced as the acceleration feels not good enough (the acceleration is a bit sluggish considering this is a 2.0 engine).
    after the service, acceleration improved a bit but i noticed one problem during driving:
    1/sometimes, it seems it holds to low gear for too long. this normally happens when the speed is about 25-30 miles/h. it feels like it is holding to 1st gear when it should be in 2nd. when this happends, the rev is about 2000-2100. in comparsion, when it changes correctly, the rev is 1500 rpm for the same stretch of road at the same speed. when it holds up to the low gear for too long, the gear box viberates(very light viberation)

    2/when driving through hamps, if it is "stumbled" a bit, it might changes down gear suddenly though there is no big change to the speed. this results in the rev suddenly increases and it feels like the car is being forced back. this happens very occasionaly.

    it drives ok for any other conditions. it looks the problem only happens when the speed is below 30 and this normally happens when the car has been driven for about 5-10 mins.

    initially i suspected this might be gear box problem. had it checked by Renault garage and was advided no problem found and also had ATF changed but no cure.

    i am just wondering is this a known issue to Laguna I ? did research on the internet and it seems gear box problem is a pain to Laguna I.
    otherwise i am very happy with this car.

    would appreciate your advice.
    could this be a sensor problem? as i understand the gear change is controlled by TCU depending on a few parameters: speed, load, rev,throttle etc?
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