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Thread: Rights as a buyer-harassment

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    Default Rights as a buyer-harassment

    I recently bought a new car, and was asked to fill out a questionaire regarding the level of service I received. The customer service was terrible, so I rated it very low. The salesman that sold me the car called me this morning in regards to questionaire, saying that he will now not receive his $1000 bonus and because of me will not be able to pay his bills this month. Do I have certain rights as a buyer for salespeople to not call me or hold me accountable for their poor service? He now has access to my home address, phone number, and place of work because of the paperwork filled out when buying a car.
    I've spoken with management about his phone call but am very scared that if he is dissaplined or fired he will come after me.
    Any thoughts? Does anyone know if I have legal rights here??

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    Your reference to $ leads me to assume you are not in the UK, so I can only guess as to a remedy. If he has so badly budgeted his wage that he has to rely on that $1000 dollars, it is his problem. Do not let this clown get under your skin. I know there are harassment laws applicable in the US which you could have recourse to, and I am aware of the flexibility of the American stalker laws which may cover the situation. In the meantime, you could apply for an injunction banning him from having any further contact with you. Breaking of the injunction could lead to his imprisonment, so this may be your best approach. (I also doubt very much he would lose $1000 over this, so I think he is just winding you up.)

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    Is the car going to be serviced in the same garage you bought it from?
    If so, might be worth having a word with the management, in case the mechanic is a mate of the salesman? Does the management know about the situation, might be worth informing them of what happened

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