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Thread: National Database of Road Safety Statistics?

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    Default National Database of Road Safety Statistics?

    Could anyone please help by knowing if there exists a website that has details of the safety statistics (i.e. accidents, injuries and deaths) on every major road in the UK?

    I ask this because in my area at the moment, there is a popular petition going around which will be taken to the County Council to ask for the North Devon Link Road between Tiverton and Bideford (A361-A39) to be turned from its present single-carriageway state into a dual carriageway. Not only is it packed with tourists in the summer (it is the ONLY main road to north Devon), but more importantly, it is an accident blackspot: according to the statistics, there have already been 7 deaths on this road in 2008. This is compared with 1 death in the last 10 years on the 7-mile stretch between M5 J27 and Tiverton - the only part of the whole route that is dualised.

    But although these statistics are common knowledge, it doesn't seem clear where exactly these statistics can be found - moreover, is there some kind of online database open to the public that has details of these sorts of things, and if so, where? These statistics, if found and proven, would significantly strengthen the argument made in the petition.

    In many French road atlases, there is a detailed, colour-coded map of all the main roads (A, N and D roads) in France. The roads are coloured in with different shades - the colours represent the number of serious injuries and deaths on each little stretch of road. It is very helpful for know when you should be extra wary of dangers, especially if you don't know the road. Such a chart would be good in our country, and indeed any country, I think.

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    If you can trawl through the relevant links, you may find what you want here: My feeling is that this website could do with being made a bit more user-friendly. This one also has some information which may be useful to you. You have to enter each road number individually, though:

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