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    I bought an ex demonstration model Renault Megane and the clutch burnt out after 6000 miles(total mileage 19,000 miles) They refused to pay repairs bill of £750.00 in spite of the car being under warranty, on the grounds that driver error was responsible. I have driven half a million miles with no clutch problems and maintain that the original driver error was done by one of the very many prospective buyers when the car was in possession of the Renault dealers, the only other owners. Is it possible for a cluch to display no slippage for 6,000 miles before burning out. If so , how do I recover my money and from whom.
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    As clutch life is usually relative to the usage, it will be very difficult for you to prove one way or the other. The only time I am aware of a garage agreeing to pay a part of replacement cost is when it has been done as a goodwill gesture due to the amount of custom a person generates with them, and even then they have only covered 50% of cost. I am sorry to be negative about this, but I don't think you will get anywhere with your claim. It is possible to destroy a new clutch within 6000 miles.

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