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Thread: HPI national mileage register

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    Default HPI national mileage register

    About two years ago i sold a car, everything mileage wise and evrything else was 100% correct documented by service records, the car was previously owned by a lease company and they supplied me with a print out of everything they had spent on it including tyres, bulbs even when the no plates were fitted and all verified by the mileage, however in the post this morning i have recieved a letter from HPI asking me to confirm a few things, like when i bought the car, were i bought it from what was the mileage when i bought it, and all the same about when i sold it.

    Qustion is why do they want this information i have never had a letter like this before, but to come to me two years after i got rid of it seems a bit much to ask it could have had a lot of owners in this time.

    Do they think something has changed with the mileage in the last two years and just want to verify things, not that i mind filling in the details as i know all was well when i sold it, just want to know what it's about.

    Any info would be great thanks.
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    I would suggest phoning them. (Got this number off their website: 01722 422 422, if there isn't one on any paperwork received.) I would have thought a letter of explanation would have been courteous. I would suggest not parting with any information until you are satisfied it is a reasonable request.

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    Default National Mileage Register

    This is a genuine request from HPI for information on the vehicle's previous mileage. When an HPI check is carried out and there is a discrepancy between the mileage that the potential buyer is being told, and the mileages held on record, then HPI approach previous owners to verify the mileages at certain points in the car's history. Providing this information does not have any adverse effect on you as a car purchaser/seller in the future, it simply enables HPI to identify where the discrepancy has occurred. If you would feel happier phoning HPI then you can phone the customer care team directly on 01722 432380 with the information.

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    This is not always just because a discrepancy has occured, but yes this may be the reason. More than likely it will be because the vehicle is now in the hands of a franchised dealer who wants to sell it.

    Most large dealer groups do not want to risk having their reputation sullied by selling a vehicle that could have a mileage discrepancy, therefore, as standard when a vehicle is taken in they will carry out a mileage investigation. The letter you have recieved is a standard letter that is sent out to help build a picture of a cars history to ensure it has not been clocked, through these letters, dealer submissions, DVLA data and other sources the HPI "NMR" database now has over 125 million records.

    Under consumer law if a dealer wants to sell a vehicle as "warranted" mileage they must show proof, a mileage investigation is such proof. If a dealer is selling a vehicle as guaranteed mileage, always ask to see if an investigation has been completed, particularly if the vehicle is older with a few owners, sadly the move to digital odometers has not stopped clocking and it is still a major problem for the industry.

    As an aside, Mileage checks also come as a standard part of the HPI consumer check these days
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    Thanks for the info form already filled in and sent off, so the car maybe for sale wish i knew were i would consider buying back i really miss it.

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