Hi, hope someone can ease help my mind. My first post so please excuse me if I'm in the wrong section.

I have just put a deposit down on a ford focus that was cat d for some minor cosmetic damage to the rear nearside quarter panel. The damage was pretty minor but was cat d because of the previous owners policy. I was told by several people including my insurance company that the fact the car was a cat d was pretty insignificant and would not effect my policy with them as long as the car has a new MOT which it had last week. However today my insurance company have called me back (four days after first calling them) to tell me that the policy could not be honored because I have not sent them an engineers report.

My question is in two parts really. Firstly will an engineers report performed by the RAC be sufficient as when I asked my insurance company they said they did not mind who produces it as long as I get one. I need a straight yes the cars roadworthy or no the car isn't.

And secondly has anyone else had this trouble with insurance on a cat d car. I know of quite a few friends who have purchased cat d cars in the past without so much as a murmur from the insurance company as long as the MOT is there.

Thanks in advance for any advice.