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    I would be most grateful for any help that anyone could offer me.

    My driving license currently has the following endorsements:-

    19/04/00 DR10 - Drink Driving (0 points, 3y ban)
    19/03/03 SP60 - Speeding (3 points)

    My question is that I have just been promoted at work and a company car is part of the deal.

    My boss asked whether I had more than 6 points on my license and I said no as technically I dont.

    Previously when I insure my car you are asked the question do you have any accidents or convictions within the LAST 5 years (which i reply no as I do not). So my question is - do I have a clean driving license?

    The company I work for are a global company (think Telecoms!) and their policy on company cars is no more than 6 penalty points. Would I fail their criteria through my DR10?

    Where do you think I stand as when I insure my own vehicle I am effectively saying I have a clean license as I do not have any points, accidents or convictions in the last 5 years?

    Any help would be a real god send as this is worry me a lot.

    Kind regards

    Chris J

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    All info is available on dvla website, iirc dr10 remains on license for 10 years, as for the sp60 I believe you'd have to declare that up until 19/03/08.

    This is info is to be regarded as my opinion only, as I'm not a legal expert.

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