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Thread: Clio 1.2 Dynamique Eletrics

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    Angry Clio 1.2 Dynamique Eletrics

    I am wondering if anyone can possibly provide some info/solution to a recurring issue I appear to have with my 2001 Y reg Clio.

    It would appear that my car hates rain, or more likely surface spray. Twice now, in moderately wet conditions and driving at national limits on A-class and Motorways, my cars electrical fault lamp has illuminated and the engine begins missfiring. On one occassion on a 200mile motorway trip I had to stop 5 times to stop the engine, give it 10 minutes and restart it.

    When inspecting the engine bay, several small pools of water lie in various places and I have sound reasong to believe that moisture is getting into some part of the eletronics. The question is: which?

    Has anyone had similar issues and had them successfully resolved? Or have suggestions on how to protect some of the terminals more effectively?

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    I suspect with a code read you would obtain codes for random cylinder missfire-but all the same a code read is the place to start. All I can advise is that you check all ignition multiplugs for any signs of corrosion and treat with dialytic grease to protect the connections. Also if your clio has the separate pencil style coils it may be worth removing these and checking to see if there are any signs of tracking down the ceramic of the spark plugs. Also have a look under the bonnet at night you may see any signs of tracking and this may give you a clue where the vehicle is being affected- disclaimer if the vehicle is missfiring this will cause unburnt fuel to enter the catalytic convertor and may cause damage
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