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Thread: Purchasing used car in Northern Ireland - tax question

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    Default Purchasing used car in Northern Ireland - tax question

    Hi, I live in ROI but am looking to purchase a UK registered car in Northern Ireland from a dealer. This will be the first car I have purchased. I am British citizen but permanently resident in ROI (with an Irish driving licence).

    The car has an valid MOT.

    I will be driving the car straight from NI back to ROI.

    I am aware of what I need to do in regards to registering the car in ROI, but just want to double check the vehicle tax implications whilst it is still in NI (i.e. the UK).

    The car is diesel registered in 2013 with CO2 emissions of 99 g/km which I believe puts it in 'Band A' (according to meaning there is 0 UK tax.

    If I purchase the car, I will have insurance through an Irish broker.

    Can anyone advise the process by which I tax the car for a day whilst driving out of NI into ROI? I believe the seller will provide the new keepers slip of the V5 by which I can tax, but I believe I would need a UK address, and maybe UK insurance policy?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Roi

    I would have thought your ROI address is totally fine......we are all part of Europe for a little while longer :-)

    It may be worth a chat to the Garde and just make sure people are clear on your totaly legit intentions.....

    And now we can get a little glimpse into why the whole Brexit saga is such a balls up!

    Good luck with your new car!

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