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Thread: Overtaking parked cars and hit head on

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    Question Overtaking parked cars and hit head on

    Good Morning All,

    I'm new to this site so please bare with me. I was driving to see a friend on friday night and a road about 5 mins away from me is full of parked cars on the uphill side of the road. On seeing no vehicle oncoming down the hill i proceeded to move around the parked cars (about 100-150 meters worth) and climb up the hill. As i got to the last car a woman (3 kids in her car) was driving down the road and decided to try force her way past me. This ended up me trying to come in on the left at the last car (scratched a parked car) and the woman hitting the front of my car. Her car has come away with a few scratches but mine (only bought last week) has had the right wheel buckled, seat belts locked and scratches to the left/right side of my car.

    luckily a police officer was near by and helped control the situation, and take a few photos. Due to no injuries no statements were taken but he stated that the woman should have waited rather then trying to force her way past me.

    i've spoken to my insurance friday evening and been told that because i was on the wrong side of the road that it will be a split claim (750 excess which at the moment i just don't have!). I don't see how this can be the case where i had no choice but to over take the parked cars to go up the hill and then for her to try and force her way past me.

    I think my car will be a write off due to the damage involving the wheel/seatbelts and the car worth. i'm arguing the case with the insurance and awaiting a phone call back from head office as i cant see how this can be my fault when i was following the rules of the road and driving safely.

    any help would be very very much appreciated.

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    Default claim

    Seems a very black and white approach from the insurance company but are you suprised?

    I would imagine you need to go back to the statements and the Police for what they say about the other motorist not recognising the road conditions.

    There is no such thing as "I was in the right" I dont people will always say...that you have to drive with due consideration for others or the road conditions.....seems in your case, the road is partially obstructed and you have to committ to using the other side of the road, once committed its up to the other traffic flow to read the situation and slow or stop (I live in a small village and this happens every bl00dy day outside the papershop).

    I would suggest you follow up with the intent of proving you were given no alternative due to parked cars but I guess the counter would be that you should have stopped in a blocking position until the other driver realised that square pegs wont fit into the wrong hole....

    Good luck all the same

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    Standard response from the 'expert' in the insurance company following company policy no doubt. Don't give in. The fact cars were parked all the way up the hill effectively making the road a single lane means drivers have to be more careful. From your story you appear to have done that and the other driver has either let the mist descend and decided you are on 'her' side of the road or her spatial awareness is lacking. Generally you would hope that a car coming up the hill would be given the courtesy of priority over the car coming down. From what you say the other driver was at best guilty of inconsiderate driving and at worst careless driving. Stand your ground with the insurance company.

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