After I stupidly filled my other halfs car with petrol, it is a diesel. The first operator cut me off, the second one after another 10 minutes of hanging on trying to get my location cut me off. Neither of them, who knew I was in trouble bothered to call me back. I have been with you for several years this was my first call my facebook page. In the end I called a friend and he arranged my recovery. I called when I got home and the operator was full of apologies, and said a manager would call me back. I told her not to lie, having read the reviews on google....and guess what nobody bothered to call me back. It's also interesting your customer Help Line no longer accepts calls, guess that's because you're fed up with irate customers telling you how rubbish you service is.....Bet this doesn't get published. Next year its Green Flag.......or if your really want to improve call me you have my number!!