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    Default How to turn left here

    Just near my home I often come across this awkward situation. See =>image here<=. I am driving along a completely empty lane on the right with a bus lane to my left. I want to make a left turn at the traffic lights (currently red). There are cars/lorries/buses backed up from the lights as indicated by the red boxes drawn on the image... So my question is where do I stop in preparation for my left turn?

    Presuming I should not enter the bus lane at any time...

    Plan 1. I could stop at A and wait for the back of the queue to start moving, then follow the back of the queue to B and then enter the left lane.
    Plan 2. I could stop at B and wait for the back of the queue to move forward to B and then enter the left lane.
    Plan 3. I could stop at C and wait for the back of the queue to move forward to C (or jump in if a gap appears earlier).

    All 3 feel uncomfortable, especially if there is a car right behind me.

    BTW, pretty much everyone else just joins the back of the queue regardless of the fact that they are illegally entering the bus lane.

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    Legally, you should not cross the solid line. In practice, and especially since there are no cameras, I don't think that anyone is going to worry about you going a few metres early.

    If you follow my advice and get stopped, you can tell them that some random bloke on an internet forum said it was okay.

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    As Santa has suggested B is probably the best option, though vehicles already in the bus lane will probably assume you are trying to jump the queue.
    Stopping at C will have the whole queue assuming the same.
    Joining the queue at the back (in the bus lane) is probably the most obvious but I don't think you will stand a chance if a Mr Jobsworth comes along.

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