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Thread: Hi, Just got provisional and have a question

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    Default Hi, Just got provisional and have a question

    So bassically i recently got my provisional licence and hoping to learn to drive just want to know how far is 20 metres? and i do cycle and whilst i cycle i can see road signs and number plates with my glasses on and i've done horse riding and can see the letters in the arena. .So how far roughley is 20 meters? just a bit worried as when i do apply for my first lesson they'll ask you to read a number plate.

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    How far is 20 metres? Is that a trick question? It's the same as 2,000cm, 65ft, nearrly 22 yards.

    If you think you have any issues with seeing properly go to an optician and get them checked out properly.

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    To start with, pick a car and take 25 paces away from the rear (don't get run over). If you can read the number plate you are okay.

    There are also websites, but the results are variable according to how big your screen is.


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