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Thread: Safe load securing in a van

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    Default Safe load securing in a van

    Hi, in addition to my regular car I recently bought a delivery van that I want to use for transporting larger objects, like old furniture etc. Does anyone have experience with how to safely secure objects in a van? I'm thinking about installing a strap system (something like this: ), but is that sufficient? Would be thankful for some input on this.

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    There will be spaces in the side lining of the van, ideal for tying the load in safely. I got a couple of rolls of that canvas strapping, that they use on air craft holds............................................. ...I cut that into various lengths to tie my loads in, its good and strong, and won’t fray like rope does...........................................You should also find rings on the floor that are built in for that purpose, good luck😎

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    With furniture, look out for straps rubbing, and causing damage, some padding in the right places will prevent this.

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    The kit on that website looks like overkill to me - may be right for ADR work, but not for furniture.

    You can get a metal strip with holes in that fixes to the sides of the van. This stuff is a reasonable price

    You can then use ordinary ratchet straps to secure your load.

    The main problem with that is that they are only screwed to the side panels, so you need to avoid doing what many drivers do, and stretch the strap straight across the van. This will pull the rails off their screws. You always hook the straps well forward so that they form a "U" around the goods, or hook both ends to the same side.

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