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Thread: Can you drive from uk to china

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poddy View Post
    Well, Last time i checked UK was an island. So you'd need to take a boat.. And thats not driving thats taking a boat which is cheating :P

    Unless you get an amphibious Car (can drive on roads and water) But then you could just miss russia altogether.
    I'm guessing you've never heard of the channel tunnel then??

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    You can't drive through the Channel Tunnel though.

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    Default Asian Road trip

    I am hoping to travel from the UK to Thailand in my Camper Van with my Yellow Labrador.
    Any advice would be very welcome on problems I may come across.
    Route planned, across Europe, in to Russia from the Ukraine, out via Kazakhstan, and then through China and through to Thailand.

    Regards, Tony

    Quote Originally Posted by focallocal View Post
    I'm driving to Vietnam from the UK in my van, i've made a big S across Europe and now i'm taking a short break to earn a little £ after the ridiculously over-priced clutch blew up, so i've left my van in Greece.

    I'm planning to hit the road again soon, but have ran into logistical issues as the VAT, MOT and Insurance are all now expired. I was wondering if i could ask what you guys did for those issues as you traveled? (I'm not planning on bringing the van back to the UK afterwards).

    I'd love your help, as your trip sounds amazing and i'm eager to get going again.

    Here's my site about the road trip, and my project which its publicizing, if you're interested:

    Kind wishes,
    Andy :0)

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