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Thread: Write off or not? Please help

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    Default Write off or not? Please help

    Hello everyone.
    I'm sorry if I've put this in the wrong section, please redirect if necessary.
    However I had a rather unfortunate incident today and I've ended up crashing my lovely little Lupo.
    I've got some pictures of the damage.
    As you guys are enthusiasts and experts I thought it'd be nice to ask your opinion on whether you think this is: something which'll write off my car & whether this is repairable.
    I can provide more pictures and information if necessary.

    The door itself closes fine, the car itself drives fine. I just wanted your opinions please.

    Thank you very much for your time and I would appreciate responses sooner rather than later.



    - Zazu
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    From the pictures I would have thought it repairable unless the car is old and has a low value. Are you claiming from a 3rd party? If not, just pay for the repair yourself.

    In any case, take it somewhere and get a quote as a first step to a decision.

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    Post Ford Fiesta Zetec S

    Hi, I can't seem to post a new thread for some reason however it lets me post replies on others threads?

    Anyhow, similarly to the above querying about a write off, I recently drove my Ford Fiesta Zetec S over a mound by a ditch, in which the impact knocked the underside of my driver-side wheel arch, resulting in the underside wheel arch breaking and the wing slightly pushed outwards. My whole front bumper also broke off in one. grills and all, and is not salvageable as it snapped cleanly off upon impact.

    I am going about repairs / restoration privately as I do not want to go through my insurance when I was at fault, I'd rather my premiums didn't go up. Anyhow, what sort of money will I be looking at from an independent garage to replace my whole front bumper (grills, foglights and all) and repair the right-side wing/wheel arch? My car is only worth £2500, I really hope it isn't in excess of that or I will be stuck, as I have intention of keeping that car a good few years but cannot afford such amounts.

    Thanks in advance for any help / rough estimates from experience or from knowledge!

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