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Thread: Slipping Clutch and Torque Arm Stripping

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    Question Slipping Clutch and Torque Arm Stripping

    I've just had an oil service done at my local Ford dealer and the check list came back with "torque arm stripping". I've also noticed the last few times I've stretched the rpm over 3000 that the clutch seems to slip.
    It's an 06 plate and because of my work I've done 117k, so I'm mentally if not financially ready for something to go wrong.
    Does the torque arm replacement cost very much and could it be oil on the clutch plate making it slip?
    Hoping you can help

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    You haven't said which Ford you have but the torque arm I would say is also called the bottom arm, the lower control arm or simply the lower arm. If your car is a Focus then they cost around £50 from motor shops, the dealer will be nearer £100 at a guess plus labour and should also have the front wheel alignment checked/adjusted.
    Oil does make a clutch slip but at that mileage, more likely simply worn out.

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