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    Hello, new member and I have a question.

    Last Year I had the head gasket replaced on my Jeep Cherokee. A week later the car overheated. It was found the garage had left a coolant hose loose. I have had a lot of issues with the engine temp so I took it to the Jeep dealership who did a health check and informed me the head gasket had blown. As it had done less than a 1000 miles and less than a year since the original job I was advised to take it back to the original garage. It has ceased trading. I contacted trading standards who said as I had paid by credit card I could claim back from my bank.

    My bank have said the two problems may not be related so they cannot give me my cash back unless I can prove that the original work was not carried out correctly.

    Any idea's. Thanks in advance

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    The health check should be sufficient for the bank to return your money. After all, the dealership would be considered experts.
    In any case, any work is guaranteed for 12 months minimum by any garage including parts and labour. I think the bank is being difficult so mayeb take a stronger line with them. Words like Complaint and Ombudsman may help.

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