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Thread: hitting someone from behind at low speed

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    Default hitting someone from behind at low speed

    Hi, my wife 2 years ago in traffic hit the car in front since the driver was distracted talking on the damages was caused to our car and to the other only a questionable scratch...believe our insurance paid something anyway for the damage but now we received a letter from the insurance telling that because we admitted to touch the car they are now proceeding to defend a claim for personal injury....while waiting on Monday to speak to them and to know more , i am just wondering if there is an easy way to stop this scam since all the other parties involved have an interest in the claim going through. The hit was probably at less than 5 miles, no police/ ambulance was called and beside my wife upsetting the other woman telling her that she should not have been on the phone ,nobody was hurt. Thanks for any comment/advise in advance ..have nice Sunday .

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    Very little. All you can do is to write a letter detailing the exact circumstances of the accident, and any subsequent damage. It is up to them to decide if they want to defend it or not.

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    From my recent experience, I'd suggest your insurers will defend any whiplash claim where the speed is very low.

    Presumably the other party's estimate of the speed is higher than yours, so they will look at the damage to the vehicle to see whether it is consistent with the higher version.

    BTW, I don't understand how the other party being distracted caused your wife to fail to stop!

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    Another thing to consider, why did the other person wait for two years before making this so called whip lash claim??

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