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Thread: Advice on laying up a car

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    Default Advice on laying up a car

    I need to lay up my car for 12-24 months. Can someone please point me to the best source of advice on this so I can have an informed discussion with the mechanics at the garage? I saw a list of things you need to do on the AA website but I'm not sure that was intended for such a long period.


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    That site seems to have it pretty well covered. The only other thing I could think of (unless I missed it) is to spray the engine and all the leads liberally with WD40 to repel moisture. If you are putting a cover over it, make sure it is made for the job - lack of ventilation can cause all kinds of problems.

    There are fairly cheap solar powered battery chargers that would keep the battery topped up. I would also take the suggestion of taking the wheels off and storing them inside somewhere. This has the added benefit of making the car much harder to steal.

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    I've seen an advert on TV for a new type of water repellant that would be great for such a job, keep your eye out for the advert, good luck.

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