Hi all,

This morning, I was in stop/start traffic on the motorway. I had stopped and about 20 seconds later felt a bang and push that lurched me forwards. I looked in my mirror and the guy in the car behind wasn't doing anything, just sat there. I drove forward when I could, checking his car in my mirror, and it looked fine. As I drove forward, he actually followed me, as if nothing had happened. He wasn't giving any indication anything had happened and I know it sounds stupid - but I started to doubt myself. I even told myself maybe I stalled the engine. I have a Peugeot 107 and because the back is flat, cars often look closer than they really are. I carried on driving in this stop/start traffic, and the car stayed behind me. I didn't want to stop and get out as I was in the outside lane and I didn't want a barrage of blasting horns if nothing was wrong! After 10 minutes, the guy started to make his way off the motorway. I watched him in my mirrors and when we were level (he was in inside lane to exit) he was staring back at me. Then I realised this guy was probably in the wrong. I pulled up on the hard shoulder to inspect my car, but could not see anything obvious. I was quite shaken the whole time... I don't know how I got to work. When I got to work I checked the back again and there are some marks and one of the lights above my reg plate is dented. I am going to get it looked at by a Peugeot garage tomorrow.

Luckily, I had a pencil and an old receipt in the front of my car, so I wrote the guys reg and car make down. I have phoned my insurance company and they have got his insurers details, and so are going to write off to them. But I am nervous the guy will deny the incident? I am annoyed at myself but also shocked that someone could actually drive into another car and act like nothing had happened!?