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Thread: Car drove into the back of me this morning

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    Default Car drove into the back of me this morning

    Hi all,

    This morning, I was in stop/start traffic on the motorway. I had stopped and about 20 seconds later felt a bang and push that lurched me forwards. I looked in my mirror and the guy in the car behind wasn't doing anything, just sat there. I drove forward when I could, checking his car in my mirror, and it looked fine. As I drove forward, he actually followed me, as if nothing had happened. He wasn't giving any indication anything had happened and I know it sounds stupid - but I started to doubt myself. I even told myself maybe I stalled the engine. I have a Peugeot 107 and because the back is flat, cars often look closer than they really are. I carried on driving in this stop/start traffic, and the car stayed behind me. I didn't want to stop and get out as I was in the outside lane and I didn't want a barrage of blasting horns if nothing was wrong! After 10 minutes, the guy started to make his way off the motorway. I watched him in my mirrors and when we were level (he was in inside lane to exit) he was staring back at me. Then I realised this guy was probably in the wrong. I pulled up on the hard shoulder to inspect my car, but could not see anything obvious. I was quite shaken the whole time... I don't know how I got to work. When I got to work I checked the back again and there are some marks and one of the lights above my reg plate is dented. I am going to get it looked at by a Peugeot garage tomorrow.

    Luckily, I had a pencil and an old receipt in the front of my car, so I wrote the guys reg and car make down. I have phoned my insurance company and they have got his insurers details, and so are going to write off to them. But I am nervous the guy will deny the incident? I am annoyed at myself but also shocked that someone could actually drive into another car and act like nothing had happened!?


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    You should have stopped and ignored any annoyed horn-blowing drivers, but you know that now don't you. My guess is that he decided that since you didn't stop, you didn't care. Hopefully he will not try to dispute the claim, but with no witnesses, hope is all you have. From the sound of it, the damage is fairly minor, and if you can't claim from him, you will have your own excess to pay, so it will probably all come out of your own pocket.

    Anecdotally, I was once driving a 44 tonne truck on the M6 in traffic, and a guy in a small van ran into the back of me. I stopped and went round to look, and there was no damage (as you might expect) to my trailer, but his bumper was dented. He did not want to report it so I took a quick photo and left it there - I never heard any more about it.

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    There is no doubt that he will try to deny it ever happened, (them days have long gone I'm afraid to say) in fact, I wouldn't put it past him to say that you reversed into him.I bet he couldn't believe his luck, when you just moved in, and never stopped to check for damage?However, you have done the right thing, and informed your insurance company, but I wouldn't hold my breath on any result being in your favour, sorry to say, good luck.

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    Sorry, Little Gem, but both Santa and smudger pretty well sum up what you may well expect to be the outcome. It was an awkward situation and, even in stop/start conditions, getting out of your car on a motorway is not an act to be undertaken lightly; even more so when in the outside lane.
    From your own description of any apparent damage, it seems unlikely that there is sufficient positive proof of the two cars making contact for the purpose of pursuing a claim.
    If, as sounds probable, rectification will be less than your excess sum, you would do best by paying any repair costs out of your own pocket. In which case, ensure that your insurer does not push up your next premium. Should they be so arrogant as to do so, having not made a claim you can obtain a quote from another insurer without changing the facts given by yourself for your last quote.

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