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Thread: Who is at fault?

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    First post here, so hi!

    This morning I had a small bump with my car.

    I was reversing off my drive into the opposite side of the road, when another car began to reverse from their drive on the opposite side of the road. They were halfway in the road when I bumped into their rear wheel arch with my rear bumper.

    A diagram is Arrows on cars show direction which car is facing, other arrows show direction of travel.

    They were stopped when the collision occurred, having seen me on the road so they are saying it was my fault completely. However, I feel that they should not have even begun to reverse onto the road if I was already off my drive.

    I admit that I should have been watching my rear view closer and then would have noticed them but don't feel I'm 100% at fault here, what are your thoughts.


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    Neither of you should have been reversing out of your driveways: it's a dangerous practice.

    However, since the the other car was stationary, it seems you weren't looking where you were going, so it's difficult to see how you are not going to be held 100% to blame.

    Maybe the other car shouldn't have been there, but if it had been another road user driving or walking sensibly and legally you'd still have hit them!

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    Welcome to the site clarkd as already mentioned, the fault lays with you on this occasion, when reversing, in any situation, you should be looking all around both front and back, good luck.

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    I agree with the others. When I was a fleet manager, one of my nurses did something very similar. Our cars were self insured (NHS) and I had to give in to the other insurer.

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