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    We have 57 plate 1 9cd ti sri zafira it has just recently started cutting out doesn't matter if it's on a hill on the flat leave it for a about an hour and it starts first time runs fine for a little while then bouf cuts out again no fault codes on diagnostics have been told it may b water in the fuel filter


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    When was it last serviced?

    Why don't you get a new fuel filter?

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    Diagnostics is NOT reading fault codes!!!

    Take it to a garage that knows HOW to do diagnostics ( ) i.e. read and compare all sensor readings and live data with the manufacturer's specifications. Test and operate the sensors and actuators to see if they work correctly. Check the exhaust isn't blocking up - DPF fitted? What's the saturation percentage? When did it last regenerate? and so on and on and on and on......

    Unless you do you may well spend a fortune guessing...

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