Hello Guys Another Day Another Car and New Problem Hope all of you help me as you guys always do Thanks

Got MG Rover ZR 2005 (55) Plate took for an MOT failed as following

005 Exhaust Emissions Carbon Monoxide Content at idle excessive [7.3.D.5]

006 Exhaust Emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive [7.3.D.4]

007 Exhaust Emissions hydrocarbon content after 2nd fast idle excessive [7.3.D.4]

008 Exhaust Emissions Lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits [7.3.D.4]

Other then that when car was tested for MOT it was misfiring and Engine Block was really hot, Radiator water pipes were rock hard. Engine Block is shaking like a faulty tumble dryer, Rocker cover and Headgasket has slight oil leak but there is no sign of mixing water with oil or increase in car Temperature

Engine Management light was also ON when I scan OBDII discover following code

P0170 Fuel Trim Bank 1

MOT tester think Head Gasket is on it's way out but I need second opinion before I start taking head off.

Hope to hear from All you guys