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Thread: Mazda MX5 Accelerates without warning help please

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    Default Mazda MX5 Accelerates without warning help please

    Hi everybody I was trying to post this in technical but it wouldn't let me, I have no idea why but here goes.
    My MX5 which I bought in Feb is a 2005 model. for some reason yesterday it just started to accelerate for no reason. A bit scary. It's happened about 4 times now over the last 2 days. It's not the throttle sticking open because it happens when its just ticking over at about 30mph. I happened just now when I was accelerating hard then changed the revs dropped and I went into 4th engaged the clutch started to speed up then it just went into full throttle, I put the clutch in and the revs hit the limiter for about 3 secs then everything went back to normal.
    Any ideas??
    Its going back to Mazda on weds but I would like some ideas before I get there. I think it should be covered by warranty but we'll see
    Thanks in advance and why can't I post in the tech forum!

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    Welcome to the site tmsbird, the site is playing up a bit these days, but I've never heard about not being able to post in a particular thread?As for your problem, I'm sure one the site Gurus will be along soon to advise you on that, good luck.

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    certainly is playing up,wont let me post on technical,posted it on breakdown,showed as on,then goes missing

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