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Thread: Reported for dangerous driving.

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    While legal aid isn't available to defend a motoring charge in court, doesn't anyone interviewed at a police station still have access to the services of a duty solicitor?

    The government website certainly seems to think so! "You have the right to free legal advice (legal aid) if you’re questioned at a police station"

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    Legal aid is available for defending some motoring offences, such as death by dangerous driving or dangerous driving, but these are the exceptions rather than the rule and it is still means tested.

    If someone is arrested then yes, they do still have access to a duty Solicitor free of charge, but this is different to legal aid

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    To be honest I wouldn't worry too much. I agree with TC1474 that the police may call you in to ask you a few questions but with it being your word against hers with no other witnesses present (I'm guessing) what can they do?

    The cost to the taxpayer to pursue a case like this is substantial and with no impartial evidence it just wouldn't be worth the time or money.

    In the future maybe keep your driving less 'flamboyant.'

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