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Thread: Anti-social driving practices

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    Default Anti-social driving practices

    Official figures suggest that anti-social driving practices such as hogging the middle lane and tailgating are not being punished enough.

    Last August tailgating and other "careless driving" offences were made punishable by a £100 fixed penalty and three points on your licence, but figures show few motorists are being pulled up on these habits. (Read the full article here:

    We want to hear from you! Do you think more needs to be done to combat these offences or do you feel it’s too hard to enforce sufficiently?

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    I would suggest that the police can't be bothered and it is time that the Highways Agency have certain powers to do "On the Spot " fines for this type of offence.

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    I was watching the TV program about the traffic police in New Zealand, and they pull over and give tickets out for driving too close the car in front.The fine is quite a hefty one as well, mind you I think they have more police presence on the roads there than we have.

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    The police need to have more unmarked ordinary looking vehicles patrolling the motorways, in order to catch the worst offenders.

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