Hello People,

I have a 10 plate scenic which is financed through GMAC on a HP agreement, with two yours left to run. It has had the required services at 18000 and 37000 miles (not by Renault dealer but by reputable chain mechanics).

The car has done 48,000 miles. We were on holiday in Dorset yesterday when the cam belt failed. The cam belt interval change is 72000 miles / 5 years whichever is sooner. The car has been towed to a renault MD here in Essex. They reckon that it might need a new engine at a cost of 6k (the car is now worth 6k)

Obviously my contract is with GMAC. But it seems to me that if I have had the car properly serviced then Renault should bear the cost of repair. If they will not, I would have thought that my redress would be against the finance company. they are required to supply me with a car of satisfactory quality for the term of the hire agreement (Supply of goods (implied Terms act) 1973. Providing I have maintained it according to the manufacturers specification I would have to argue they were in breach of the implied term. Does anyone have experience of this?