Silly season has well started here and we're seeing the impact on the roads already. Not just the perennial "mustn't drive faster than 25mph"; "I pulled into the passing place" (on wrong side) and the classic "passing places aren't for overtaking" - how they work that one out when the police notices tell you they are? - but we're also getting the livestock issues. Lambing's underway and one's always extra careful (altho' most of our free range sheep are pretty good at teaching the youngsters quickly) but to stop all traffic coz one ewe (sans lamb - she's still to drop) is lying down on the grass verge with six inches of her backside on the road? That happened four times in a 26 miles round trip yesterday. Then a local farmer was moving his Highlanders. Now apart from the fact that they were strung out over half a mile, these are well-trained sensible Highlanders who plod along with a car behind them and move into a passing place to let you past - kid you not! Panic stricken tourists in middle of road sounding off the horn and flashing lights - thought they had an emergency when I came up behind them - no, the Highlanders were coming towards them and there's been a lot in media about people getting killed by cows and bulls (Highlanders have horns so they thought they were all bulls, despite other obvious differences!). Had to count very slowly to ten once I realised the source of their terror and told them to stop sounding the horn and screaming and they'd nothing to worry about as they were ladies and had no calves (I wouldn't get between any Mum and her offspring!). By this time, the cows had reached us and you should have seen the jaws drop when I just scratched the one interested in my shoulder and then gave her a slight slap and told her to get on - they all ambled past with no hassles (although one of them left a liberal spraying on the nearside front screen/side!)! After a gentle lecture on the does and don'ts - plus a reminder of passing place rules, of dealing with livestock on the road, suggested they pull over and let the five or six cars that they'd blocked past whilst they recovered. Thankfully they did! They'd come to watch wildlife - well after the noise they made the very self-respecting otters in the bay 400 yards from the incident would definitely not be showing their faces! Had a good laugh with the friends I went to see, but in a way, it's very sad.