Hi i was involved in a car accident the other day that was caused by another driver who was later charged by police for careless driving but my insurance provider Aviva have said its my fault
The accident as it happened I was leaving a roundabout behind another vehicle going round a slight bend when a driver coming the other way tried to cut the corner to get to the entrance to the roundabout quicker which resulted in the car in front having to brake to avoid hitting him which in turn left me with no time in which to react and i hit the car in front
The police was called and as said they charged the driver with careless driving now aviva say i was to blame i dont see how i wasnt driving fast i would say 25mph and there was a 2 second gap atleast between me and other car
I have since learned the car infront has power brakes which made him stop very quickly where as my 10 year old van didnt stop nearly as quick given time i had to react
do i fight this or just through towel as i wont be able to afford a higher premium and hence my new business will be over just a month or so after starting
If anybody can help it would be most appreciated as i am very stressed by this