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Thread: Car Buying Advice Needed ASAP

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    Default Car Buying Advice Needed ASAP

    I'm afraid there is going to be quite the chunk of writing here. So I'm sorry about that in advance :P

    Right so I'm 20 years old, just starting a new job and my old little fiesta has backed up and died.
    Which is rather sad in itself as it was 15 years old and been in my family since its creation. It breaks my heart to lose that little car

    So now I'm looking at getting myself my first new car. This should be an exciting time but got to say I'm terrified as I have it down to two now however I have reservations on both of them.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________
    - A Peugeot 208 Allure 1.2 in white

    What I like about it

    1)The exterior style is brilliant
    2)Interior is just fantastic
    3)Steering is tight and love the wheel
    4)love all the tech inside
    5)plenty of space
    6)Good acceleration

    My worries

    1) Never owned a Peugeot nor do I know anyone who has. So with all the car magazines often talking badly about French cars I'm worried about its Overall Reliability
    2) The clutch biting point feels extremely high. Is there anyway to lower this?
    3) The gearbox/lever feels and sounds really clunky
    4) Windscreen wipers looked like I made them myself :L (now this was on the lowest spec model i test drove today as it was sunny when i tested the allure so may be different on other models)

    Bonus question- How hard would it be to get a spoiler (similar to that of the GTI) fitted on it? and what sort of price could it be? As I saw the GTI this week and it looks fantastic
    __________________________________________________ ______________________
    - Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25 white (Full Dress kit)

    What I like about it

    1)Very reliable
    2)sense of familiarity
    3)(FOR ME) a much better gearbox
    4)Exterior styling is quite nice
    5)Can add a body kit for only £500 (Dress up as they call it :L )
    6)Drive really smoothly overall
    7)LOVED HILL START (If something like this existed on the 208 that would be a decider :L)
    Cheaper than 208

    What I don't like

    1) Bit boring
    2) Interior is outdated (IMO)
    3) Preferred the small steering wheel of 208
    4) worried style of fiesta will change radically soon as hasn't change much since 2008
    5) Feels like an old persons car or maybe just the too safe bet
    6) SOOO many others on the road

    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    So to summarize my questions here :L

    1) How reliable are Peugeot and the 208?
    2) Any fix for high biting point
    3) how do you all find the gearbox?
    4) How are the 208 wipers ? Tongue
    5) How hard would it be to get a spoiler (similar to that of the GTI) fitted on it? and what sort of price could it be? As I saw the GTI this week and it looks fantastic
    6) How do you HONESTLY think the two compare?

    Thank you in advance

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    When our daughter-in-law's elderly (but reliable) Vauxhall Corsa was stolen and wrecked, she bought a used VW Fox from the local VW franchised dealership. She is very happy with this car, and it carries VW backing for the first 12 months.
    Are you buying "new", or new-to-you? There is also the VW Up small car.
    Final choice is, of course, up to you, but it will pay you to buy from a reputable franchised dealership - if they are anything like VW, they have to operate to a code of satisfactory trading. Make sure that you get any 'promises' in writing, and that what is verbally stated is supported by the written word.
    The maverick car salesgrounds and private sellers are best avoided unless one is an experienced car buyer.
    And don't panic-buy in case there is another potential buyer. More, good volume production cars are readily available on the market than there are buyers for them.

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    This may be a good time to buy as there will be a glut of trade ins at dealers. You may just find a great one owner car a few years old at present. Phone the franchised dealers and see what they have in your price range.DO NOT buy on impulse and get a proper warranty that is by the dealer and not Warrantywise or the like. At 20 you want more than you can afford usually so be careful and don't rush into anything. If you want finance there are many 0% deals out there or very low rates. This may help you get a better car than you thought. Check insurance rates BEFORE buying. I nearly bought a Jaguar E type and check the insurance before I made the descision. Just as well as it was £1000 more than the car was worth.
    I once visited our local Vauxhall dealer and asked what they had with a bit of go. The pratt there offered me the Australian muscle car at some 6ltrs. I did say nothing too expensive to run as well. Needless to say I didn't go back. I actually think the idiot was at a Nissan dealer a year before, when my wife told him he was talking to her not me regarding a car she wanted. He was told to his face to get lost in the end.

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    The new Fiesta is loved by the motoring press.

    The same magazine review of the 208 - note the gearbox comments!

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    In my opinion, it would cost too much and may increase the insurance cost to try to fit a "spoiler"

    A spoiler would "spoil" an otherwise good car.

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    It's very hard for anyone not in the business to compare cars. A ten minute test drive does help but doesn't give you any idea about long term ownership. For that we have to rely on reviews.

    When I was a fleet manager I always used to advise people to choose a car for the inside and not the outside. When you drive it you can't see the exterior, but you need a comfortable driving position, a colour scheme you can live with, and whatever accessories you think will make your experience behind the wheel a better one.

    As an aside, I also told people to avoid white or black. Both colours are less tolerant of the scuffs and scrapes of everyday motoring, and both colours are less desirable in the aftermarket - ie. when you come to sell it.

    Of course when I was twenty, what I wanted was a car with a long bonnet and no back seat.

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    Dappleyard please come back and tell us what you bought eventually.

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